Palace of Versailles. A magical place, full of space for contemplation ( oh those gardens ! ) and getting to know the history of France in its most exquisite edition.

 Taking advantage of the nice weather, we started exploring the gardens, which supposedly took 40 years to exhibit their present appearance. It is worth mentioning that it is impossible to visit the whole place in one day ( on foot ) , especially if you are a photographer 🙂

 After crossing the garden gate, you can see crowds for the obligatory selfie. We went further in search of less standard shots. It is a pity that in the winter time most of the Versailles garden sculptures turn into a Laura Palmer style from Twin Peaks but even like this they look quite sublime. The fountains are breathtaking – exactly as we imagined! True eye delight!

 The next morning we went to explore the interior of the palace. Winter light penetrating through the large windows leads us to the next chambers decorated with remarkable finesse. Ceilings with painted frescoes showing Louis XIV as a Greek god and walls decorated with paintings – among others Marie Leszczyńska portrait, of Polish origin and in fact the longest ruling queen of France. The biggest salon in the palace is the famous Hall of Mirrors, with as many as 357 mounted mirrors and 100,000 candlesticks. Today we think it was fairly achievable, but during the times of the palace’s glory, getting mirrors was almost a miracle. 

 We can’t wait to be back !

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